IntelliPRIMA uses a special CDQ Prima-to-PC serial connection lead
This is NOT a standard RS232 cable!

If your PC does not have a serial port,
we offer a special USB to CDQ Prima cable

NOTE that standard USB-Serial converters DO NOT WORK!

You may order suitable cables (including USB cables) at the same time as the software.
We offer a range of different lengths.
Click here for Cable Prices

If you need a standard serial port cable and plan on making your own, you should note that the pin-outs on the CDQ Prima are not standard RS232 connections. The correct format for the cable is shown on this page.

CDQ Prima
(requires DB9M connector)

Pin 4 RxD
Pin 9 TxD
Pin 5 Gnd

Connect cables following the colour code shown - i.e. blue-blue,
red-red and green-green

(requires DB9F or DB25F connector)

Pin 2 TxD
Pin 3 RxD
Pin 7 Gnd
Pin 3 TxD
Pin 2 RxD
Pin 5 Gnd

CDQ Prima rear panel RS232 remote control cable instructions

Intelligent Windows PC Remote control software for the CDQ Prima range of ISDN audio codecs cdq prima windows remote software pc control
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